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Suzhou Dafang Held the 2012 Annual Work Conference

                          Continue to promote the entrepreneurial culture and innovative spirit,

                                 working hard for realizing "Leap second" development

                                                                     Jan. 15th, 2012

      On Jan. 15th, Suzhou Dafang successful held the 2012 Annual Work Conference in Administration Building Auditorium.

     Jianganyi, Managing Director of Suzhou Dafang, made the 2011 annual report and reviewed the main work in 2011, analyzed the market situation in 2012. He deployed the key worked 2012 and put forward 2012 operating principles: grasping the foundation, carrying capacity, and development.                Advanced individuals who achieved the honourable title of " 2011 Annual Advanced Worker and Outstanding Example " were cited and awarded a certificate.

     Finally, Ren Zhiming, the Borard Chairman of Suzhou Dafang, delivered an important speech. Chairman pointed out that the promotion of existing products to maximize the market is currently the main work; to speed up the process of research and development, insist on technology innovation is the subsequent development of the power source; regulate the internal management, risk prevention, promote the mechanism innovation is the cornerstone of enterprise development, team-building and cultural development is the development of fundamental work.

    The plenum noted that: for Suzhou Dafang, 2012 is an very important year, from recovery to achieve two spans type develops. Hope that all staff should unite together, make concerted efforts, do solid work, adhere to technological innovation, promote the management of innovation. While advance steadily, firmly grasp the initiative, to promote good and fast development of Suzhou Dafang!



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